Casinos Down Under!

May 10, 2021 at 2:49 pm

Casinos Down Under!  Being that I’m a UK citizen, there’s not always a lot of call for me to consider the state of play of gambling and casinos in other areas of the world. Sure I’ve seen the bright lights of US casinos (Vegas etc) as those are the default go-to locations for tourists looking for their casino fix. I’ve never been to the other side of the world for instance though, namely Australia, and so whether exploring their bricks and mortar casinos or australianonlinecasinosites online casino options, I’m pretty much in the dark about what the country has to offer in that department. That said, most fans of a flutter will have an awareness of one of two of our Aussie mates biggest bricks and mortar establishments.

For starters, most casino goers interested in the wider world will know about the Melbourne Crown Casino. It’s Australia’s biggest casino complex covering well over 500,000 sq. m.and was completed just before the turn of the century. It features multiple hotels, restaurants (Nobu etc), bars and shopping areas (top names like Harrods and Louis Vuitton). To give you an idea of the scope, as far as casino games go the Crown features 3500 poker machines as well as 500 table games catering for craps, blackjack, roulette and the like. Australian WSOP events and more are also hosted there. All of this neatly comes together in a display of the scale and scope of this impressive casino. Other casinos of note in the country include Star Casino, Sydney and the Treasury Casino, Brisbane.

Of course there are real money casinos both online and off that can and do impress. It could be argued that nothing can replace the ‘being there’ aspect of a night out at the casino. It’s very much a chalk and cheese situation though, because by the same token nothing can really rival the convenience factor of online casinos, which it has to be said often capture both bricks and mortar casino games and experiences in precise fashion. Another big plus of online casino options is the speed at which new games, such as slots options, can be made available to players. The number of devices games can be played on too, and location independent nature. Realistically both have their place though, and so if you find yourself on your travels it’s certainly not a bad idea to pop into the local casino to get a feel of the people and the place, especially if it’s somewhere as impressive as the Melbourne Crown.