Casino Bonus Top Tips

February 18, 2022 at 9:00 pm

Casino Bonus Top Tips  Bonuses are an exciting aspect of online casinos that draw in players every time. Without welcome bonuses, the online casinos would be a lot more like traditional bricks and mortar ones. Players purposefully sign up on casino casino sites because they get large welcome bonuses, free spins, and what-not.

However, player also need to be made aware of rules and restrictions of websites when it comes to using these bonuses. For example, some sites don’t allow you to withdraw winnings you make using rewards, while other sites do. As such, we endevour to bring you the most effective tips to let you make most of your welcome bonuses and other incentives.

Let’s get started-

No Deposit Bonus

This is a bonus type where you get to play casino games without even making an actual deposit. It’s often awarded upon sign up, so a player can use it on various different online casino games. As such use this opportunity wisely to play casino games you are already experienced in, so you can increase your chances of winning and withdrawing real cash with no risk attached. Many casino comparison sites such as the best australian online casino site, can be used to filter through the best sign up and bonus offers and skip those that don’t fit your personal requirements.

Go with Different Online Casinos

You don’t have to rely on a single casino site when so many in the online world. Instead, visit multiple casino sites, read about them, do your homework and find out what sign-up bonuses they offer and how trusted the sites are. Also, get to know the payout options and any terms and conditions related to cashing out the money won using the bonus.

A great casino, in the eyes of players, is one that lets the players cash out the maximum amount without many restrictions.

Pay Attention to Wagering Requirements

While signing up with a casino site and taking advantage of their welcome bonus, it’s important to understand the relevant wagering requirements. This means that you might need to place a specific number of bets or the amount of money you need to gamble before you can cash out the money  won using the bonus.

It is wise to understand the terms and policies beforehand, so you don’t miss out when a site doesn’t let you cash out after winning.

Choose Slots Wisely

If you are interested in slot machines and would like to use the welcome bonus to win there, choose only low or medium variance slot machines as these machines increase your winning chances. Also, check on perks such as daily or weekly free spins as some casino sites offer this too.

And last but not least, check on the house edge. Choose a game with a lower house edge; as the lower the edge, the more chances of winning you have. The difference between winning and losing can often be marginal, so it’s important to put yourself in the best position possible.

As the Reels Turn 3 Slot by Rival Gaming

February 17, 2022 at 11:50 pm

As the Reels Turn 3 Slot by Rival Gaming  As the Reels Turn 3 slot is the third in a series of 3 i-Slot games from Rival Gaming that once again includes the characters Vanessa, Jamie, The Don, Matt G and Danny.

The slot has 15 paylines and 5 reels. It offers free spins, wild symbols, scatters and a 1500 coin jackpot.

If you have played the previous two versions of the game, you may remember that the game is a specific type of “story-based” slot machine game. So as you work your way through the game’s levels, you will unfold more of the story and be rewarded with great bonuses.

Once again, the game is based on the El Paradiso casino, which is closely watched by a Don and how the casino manager tries to protect it from the evil Don.

As the Reels Turn 3 Bonus Features

The charming Mrs Livingstone and Pampers the cat are the two new characters that appear in this game. Pampers only appears during free spins and will expand to cover the whole reel on your screen. One of these Pampers symbols will reward you with a 2x multiplier, and 2 of them will give you a 4x multiplier.

It also has a “Scene Advancement” feature which will be triggered when three or more “As the Reels Turn” symbols appear on your screen. Each time 3 of these symbols appear, the story advances to the next screen. The Bonus Round will also be triggered at this stage.


We found this to be a highly entertaining online casino slot, which almost felt like we were playing a video game because of the storyline and different levels of play.

As in the earlier versions of the series, the graphics, animation and sound effects play a pivotal role in creating an intriguing slot.

Book of Shadows Slot

February 16, 2022 at 11:55 pm

Book of Shadows Slot  Introduction

Book of Shadows is a medium volatility video slot by Nolimit city. It features up to 20 Expandable paylines and lockable reels. It also has Free Spins with Expanding symbols and a top cash prize of 30,338x your stake. It’s a horror-themed slot with some bloody thrilling gameplay where players get to trigger impressive bonuses with wagers starting at 0.10 to 100.00 per spin and an RTP of 96.01%. Available on casinoroo and the like, it’s well worth checking out.

Book of Shadows Bonus Features

Book of Shadows will give players a good scare with creepy felines, animal sacrifices and dismembered eyeballs. In Book of Shadows, players get treated to a couple of mechanics, giving them control of the slot’s gameplay. The first is the lockable reels; however, locking each reel comes at a price.

Next up is the Shadow Row feature that starts with three rows and ten paylines; however, you may extend it to 4 rows with 15 paylines or five rows and 20 paylines. In doing so, you will have to fork out an extra 50% for the four reels and double your wager for the five reels.

The Free Spins get triggered when you land 3+ Scatters. You receive 10 Free Spins with the same number of Shadow Rows removed from the reels. Before this feature starts, a symbol is randomly selected to turn gold, and you have one chance to reshuffle for a different character. Like the Book of Dead slot, the chosen symbol expands to cover the entire reel.

Closing the Book

Book of Shadows is another impressive showing from Nolimit City. What sets this slot apart from other slots with similar features is the level of control given to the player by locking reels and increasing the number of winning ways. It’s a book that needs to step out of the shadows for all avid slot fans to enjoy.

Ronnie O’ Sullivan -Sporting Legends

February 15, 2022 at 7:17 pm

Ronnie O' Sullivan -Sporting Legends  Introduction

Bag huge prizes under the watchful eye of one of the most renowned snooker players in the world. This five-reel, 25 payline jackpot slot is by Playtech, and it’s a feature-packed game. It comes with a Pick Me style feature where players stand the chance of winning in just five rounds. The 147 Maximum Break Free Games feature gives players 12 Free Spins, and for every seven spins, you receive a 1x multiplier on each spin. Ronnie Sullivan Sporting Legends is part of a series, meaning there are daily, weekly, and a Mega Jackpot up for grabs, which can trigger randomly.

Ronnie O’ Sullivan -Sporting Legend Bonus features

Popular on top real money online casino sites, this progressive slot is playable from 0.25 to 50.00 per spin on all devices. It’s based on the Rocket and has a Champion Bonus feature where players pick snooker balls to win cash rewards. The 147 Maximum Break Free Games is where you cue up Free Spins with multipliers of up to 7x and triggered when three or more 147 Maximum Break scatters land on the reels giving you 12 Free Spins with a multiplier of 1x.

A Championship Bonus symbol triggers the Championship Bonus feature by landing this symbol on reels 1 and 5. Players then pick five snooker balls, each one giving you cash prizes. During this feature, players can reveal “win All” for more rewards, and you move to the next round, whereas “Collect” ends the feature. It’s a feature with plenty to win, so cue up those balls and go for the win.

Next up are the daily weekly and Mega Sporting Legends Jackpots, all randomly triggered. The daily and weekly jackpots must have a specified timeframe in which they must get won, and that’s displayed above the reels, whereas the Mega Jackpot can keep growing.

Spin those reels to legendary stardom and some extra riches in Ronnie O’Sullivan -Sporting Legends.

The Benefits Of Online Casinos For Novice Players

February 14, 2022 at 3:30 pm

The Benefits Of Online Casinos For Novice Players  Are you a newcomer that has never tried playing in online casinos before but would like to give it a go? To provide you with more information and guidance, we’ve come up with this piece on the benefits of online casinos for novice players. Carry on reading to find out more.

There’s Still The Opportunity For You To Win Big In Online Casinos

The primary upside of casino games is undoubtedly the opportunity to win nice big stacks of money, alongside the fun and amusement that comes with playing the games. Week in week out, lucky South Africans enjoy winning enormous amounts of cash on online casinos.

There Are Many Great Online Slot Games

Unlike poker, which requires you to have the skill and tactical knowledge about the game to win and beat your opponents, absolutely anyone can win when playing slots, and it really comes down to ‘potluck’. Are you someone who loves playing slot games and enjoys the unique thrill you get when your slot images line up, and you win some money? If so, check out Play Live’s Fire Joker and Lady of Fortune slot games, and try your hand at winning on there.

The Flexibility To Play Anywhere At Any Time You Like

One of the major benefits of online casinos for novice players is that they provide you with a great deal of freedom and flexibility. You can take part in online casinos from any place at any time you like. Whether you are abroad, chilling out at home, on the beach, at your mate’s house, or on your lunch break at work, you can play online casino games if you have access to the internet. Nowadays, many of us possess handy mobile devices that we carry virtually everywhere we go, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. So, online casinos make playing exciting casino games more straightforward than ever.

Playing Online Casino Games From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Many hardened enthusiasts with years of experience playing in brick-and-mortar casinos in SA have recently switched to online casinos due to the national government’s firm lockdowns that shut down casino halls for extended periods. So, there’s now a growing trend towards people opting to use online casinos. One of the many benefits is that they provide you with the opportunity to play from the comfort of your own home. This makes online casinos particularly convenient for people who find it more difficult to leave their homes, such as the elderly, people still shielding, and those with disabilities. What’s better than the idea of being able to play poker, roulette, slots, and blackjack while sitting on your comfy sofa at home?

You Should Quickly Get The Hang Of Online Casino

Suppose you are already pretty familiar with how casino games work but have never used an online casino. In that case, it shouldn’t take you long at all to get the knack of online casinos and understand how to operate them effectively. Even if you are a complete novice who has never played casino games before, the main principles behind card games, slots, and so on are quite simple to grasp. If you want to learn more about casino games and the various intricacies of their rules, browsing the internet will provide you with access to mountains of information on a wide variety of games in a few seconds. Do you have friends and family that are into casinos and have lots of experience? Try and get a few tips from them and learn from the mistakes of others.

Beginner’s Luck Is A Thing For Novice Online Casino Players Too

Hopefully, when using online casinos, you will enjoy your fair share of beginner’s luck that newcomers sometimes have the fortune to experience. The only difference with online casinos is that you don’t have to go into a casino hall building in person, and your winnings will be paid to you via online payments into your bank account instead of in cash.

No Need To Worry About Practicing Your Poker Face With Online Casinos

If you’re a novice casino player who knows you aren’t any good at keeping a straight face and masking your emotions during tense, high-pressured situations, perhaps you’ve thought games such as poker weren’t for you. However, there’s no need to sweat about practising and perfecting your poker face with online poker. You don’t usually need to show your face on-screen at all when playing poker online. Therefore, stop worrying about having to rehearse your still poker face in the mirror before opening your online casino account.

You Can Start Initially Playing With Friends And People You Know

You can set up online casino games in groups where you compete against friends and people you already know in real life. Playing against friends is an excellent icebreaker to ease novices who have little or no experience playing casino games. When friends compete with one another in games involving money, things can sometimes get spicey, and the competition becomes fierce in next to no time. Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy having fun online chatting away with friends and not to take the games too seriously and end up falling out over it all.

Online Casinos Are Less Stressful Places Than Casino Halls

Casino halls are hectic places that usually tend to be loud due to the highs and lows that casino players can experience throughout the day. A scream can mean somebody has just won millions in one go or that they’ve just lost a significant amount. Novice online casino players will be pleased to learn that online casinos are far more peaceful and less anxiety-inducing places to play and pick up new tricks of the game as you go along. Online casinos are a wonderful place to start learning lots about casino games before you decide to venture into a casino hall in person.

These are some ideas for the advantages of using online casinos for novice players. Never underestimate the power of beginner’s luck, and it’s never too late for you to start learning more about how to play casino games.