Making Virtual Casino Experience Simple with Zimpler

January 18, 2022 at 12:40 pm

Making Virtual Casino Experience Simple with Zimpler Zimpler is a mobile payment method that was founded by a Fintech company in Sweden in 2016 to simplify pay-ins and payouts of the Swedish market. This mobile E-wallet allows the user to be in full control of their funds and spendings. All major debit and credit cards, bank transfers, and other E-wallets as well as utility, telecommunications, internet, and other online bill payment and entertainment can be merged at Zimpler for easier and faster transactions. It is also very comfortable to deposit or receive money since this application works with all banks. Everything is possible and can be done thru this Swedish payment system which is why its popularity is inevitable. This E-wallet is currently available in Sweden, Finland and will be available in other European countries in the future. Their headquarters are in Stockholm and their location is in Gothenburg and Malta.


Use Zimpler in an Online Casino

Monetary transactions like deposit and withdrawals using Zimpler in an online casino is like a walk in the park. Virtual gamblers don’t have to download an application or make a sign-up. They simply have to type Zimpler on their phone, key in their bank or any payment scheme that they are using and is compatible with Zimpler, wait for the random code and after that, they can proceed with the transaction. It takes five minutes to finish everything. Minimal fees are applied (1.5 to 4.9 euros).

Uusimmatkasinot, one of the leading online sites from Finland, introduced the Zimpler casino. The following sites are compatible with Zimpler and they offer a wide variety of casino games with state of art graphics and generous bonuses. If interested, feel free to visit the site indicated.


How to deposit using Zimpler?

Making a deposit using Zimpler is very easy and fast. Here’s the following guide in the banking scheme. Make sure that it is available in the country you are in or is offered on the gambling site.

  1.     Choose a Zimpler casino from the list of gambling sites.
  2.     Once you found it, click the payment section
  3.     Select Zimpler as a payment option
  4.     Key in your preferred amount
  5.     Enter the four-digit code sent by Zimpler
  6.     Transaction complete


Withdraw money using Zimpler

Dispensing money is easier and faster compared to making a deposit. Here is the three-click way to process the transaction.

  1.     Click cashier and key in the amount of money
  2.     Enter the phone number and wait for the four-digit code that will be sent by Zimpler
  3.     Key in pin code to the online casino and your money is going to be automatically transferred to your personal bank.


The following banks which accept Zimpler e-wallet:

  •       OP
  •       S Bank
  •       POP Bank
  •       Aktia
  •       Savings Bank
  •       Nordea
  •       Bank of Aland
  •       Haldensnanken
  •       Danske Bank
  •       OmaSP


Zimpler Go

Zimpler Go is purely a Pay n Play product in order to help improve the KYC or Know Your Customer process. This is introduced to make Zimpler a more efficient and safe payment method in the online casino.

Know Your Customer or KYC is a type of process used by financial institutions and/or financial services to monitor their customer’s welfare and to protect their identity.


So what does Zimpler Go offer?

  •       Accurate money transactions such as deposits and payouts
  •       Effective KYC
  •       Automatic Account using BankID of the client


Zimpler Security

Online casinos deal with money all the time and just like the physical casino, it is also prone to thieves though done online. For this reason, the majority of the virtual gambling industries nowadays are equipped with a solid firewall which filters all incoming and malicious sites and automatically deletes them Zimpler casinos are considered the safest casino site because of the solid foundation of the firewall plus the presence of the Secure Socket Level (SSL) which makes sure that all data between the user and the casino site has to be properly encrypted.



  •       Safe Transactions

Since the clients don’t have to give their identity or submit any documents, all transactions, especially the money involved, is considered safe and secure from cyber thieves.

  •       Pay n Play

This payment method is applied in Sweden and Finland because of its efficiency. The entire transaction only takes 5 minutes because in Pay n Play Zimpler, clients can deposit and withdraw instantly.

  •       Efficient Setup

Clients automatically use this payment scheme by simply choosing Zimpler on the online casino and BankID.

  •       Customer Service

Zimpler customer service has the friendliest and most accommodating people. They usually make sure that their customers are satisfied and they answer all queries.


  •       It doesn’t have an application so it won’t consume the space of your smartphone.


  •       Cards have to be input manually
  •       This is not available in all countries


Final Insight:

Just like any E-wallets like Trustly and Bright, Zimpler can only be enjoyed in certain European countries and Canada. So if you happen to drop by in any of these countries and you have an urge to place a bet online, why not try this Super Simple Payment method for a more wonderful virtual casino experience. Just make sure that you have an account in any of the banks indicated above.

Why online slots have more to offer than table games

January 18, 2022 at 10:41 am

Why online slots have more to offer than table games By mid-2020, the casino and online gambling sector globally grew to $227 billion – showing a clear growth in the industry and that casino games have skyrocketed in popularity within the past few years. With the rise of technology, it’s only natural that the quality of online casinos has grown to accommodate even more players.


There are several different options to choose from when playing at an online casino but the main types of games are broken up into two categories – online slots and table games. The term table games actually represent a variety of games of chance varying from blackjack to roulette. With table games, there are usually one or more live croupiers (aka dealers) to ensure that the game runs smoothly.


On the other side of online casinos, you’ll find online slots which are just as popular as table games. Instead of having a croupier, online slots are controlled by the player as they decide the pace and when to stop. Of course, the actual outcome of an online slot is selected by a random number generator (RNG) so there’s no determining what you could get.


That being said, online slots offer way more to players than table games. From selecting their own pace to a bigger choice selection, online slots provide a bigger range of options for all different types of players.

Catering to individuals

There are only a select amount of table games available online with the most popular being baccarat, blackjack, craps and roulette. They are quite formulaic and follow a certain structure with very few variations, whereas online slots can cater to individuals with different tastes.


With online slots, there is a huge selection with a genre for everyone. There’s a huge assortment of themes that are endless meaning that a player could go from true crime to superheroes with ease.


Furthermore, online slots don’t limit players to select styles as they give players the freedom of choice. Most online casinos feature at least 100 slots to choose from, whereas there is often less selection for table games meaning that sometimes players are forced to select the only ones available.

An assortment of mechanics

The beauty of online slots is that they can be radically different in terms of mechanics. Naturally, the most common online slot features a reel mechanic in which you spin and hope to land a winning payline. Despite this, a huge majority of slot developers have tried to switch things up by creating new and exciting mechanics.


Megaways is perhaps the most popular and renowned with the traditional payline system being changed to 117,649 paylines for even more thrills. Many traditional slots have been completely revolutionised through the Megaways mechanic and it’s breathed new life into slots.


From the development of Megaways, there have been more mechanics such as Cluster Pays, Infinity Reels, Slingo and Megaclusters which have all redefined what online slots actually are. Cluster Pays instead matches up symbols instead of a payline, whilst Slingo has actually combined bingo and slots together for something utterly unique.


Amazingly, the world of online slots is continuously growing and there’s no denying that even more mechanics will develop within the next few years. Sadly, most table games are quite conventional and must follow certain rules – whereas slots have the potential to change and adapt to suit the changing needs of the audience.

Power to the player

As previously mentioned, online slots have the beauty of control from players as they can decide when to start and end their games. Whereas, table games often have other players or a croupier to hold up the games, therefore, meaning that it’s harder for players to just leave the game.


The player also has the power to decide what sort of volatility level they want to play this and this ultimately means how predictable the online slot will be. For example, a slot with low volatility pays out smaller sums at regular intervals but high volatility pays out larger sums but at a greater risk. At the end of the day, it’s up to the player to decide what sort of volatility they want and this can affect which online slot they play.


Whether it’s volatility or RTP (return to player), players choose what suits them best and how they want their gameplay to go. A player has so many options to choose from when selecting an online slot that they can basically create their own experience.


Of course, online slots are completely random and no one can predict what their gameplay will be like fully. Certain factors such as volatility can inform the players of what the slot could play like and therefore lead them to make the choice that’s right for them.


One of the most disputed arguments in favour of table games boasts of the interaction and live aspect of the games. Live casino games have evolved within the past few years and there has been a rise in live casino slots meaning that players can experience the thrill of playing an online slot with a real-time host. Ultimately, this just emphasises how online slots are evolving constantly and just keep getting better.


There’s no telling what the future holds for online slots, which is exactly why they offer a lot more than table games. Within the past few years, online slots have exploded in terms of mechanics, features and design – so there’s no telling what they’ll be like in the near future. They’ll always be something fresh and new for players with online slots meaning that they’ll never get repetitive or dull.

Santa Vs Aliens Slot by Swintt

December 2, 2021 at 1:07 am

Santa Vs Aliens Slot by Swintt Christmas is not just about giving gifts but also about being a superhero. Santa is pitted against aliens and robots in Santa vs Aliens, a new video slot game from Swintt studios. This game has a theoretical RTP of 96.03%.

Santa vs Aliens Slot can be played on any mobile phone, laptop, tablet or desktop and has bets ranging from 0.2 to 10 euros per spin. Twenty fixed pay lines are featured on the game’s five reels and three rows of symbols.

Three identical symbols or more are necessary for cash prizes. Santa vs Aliens has some features to keep the gameplay from getting boring: Namely, a Bonus Wheel, expanding symbols, free spins and a wild symbol. You will have a lot of fun playing this colourful, exciting game about New Year and extraterrestrial technology!

Playing the Game

Nobody can ruin Santa’s Christmas! Santa is protecting the festive season from aliens this year by randomly changing other symbols into Wilds while he stands in the middle of the reels as a Wild Symbol.

Christmas is celebrated in a bit of an unconventional way with Swintt’s video slot Santa Vs Aliens. This brand new slot game will get you into the Christmas spirit, and you can enjoy a bit of adventure too!

Santa Bonus Features

Wild Santa Symbol:

The Wild symbol is the Santa Symbol, which is situated in the middle of the reels. Wild symbols on reels 1, 2, 4 and 5 are randomly transformed into Wilds by the centre Wild Symbol.

Free Spins:

Three or more Scatters trigger the Wheel Bonus, and it offers either cash rewards or up to 20 Free Spins. Wild symbols are expanded in the columns during Free Spins mode.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Santa Vs Aliens!

What’s the Most Money Ever Won at a Casino?

November 11, 2021 at 12:05 pm

When we compete at a casino, we all hope to have that big jackpot. Some of the biggest casino wins ever have reached into the millions. All of which have been won at casinos around the globe. The biggest casino wins in history may even come from small-time casinos. $5 deposit casinos have the potential to award such massive amounts. Slot machines are the most common method of big wins found at casinos. You may wonder what is the largest slot jackpot ever won? Here is a list of the biggest casino wins ever recorded.

What’s the Most Money Ever Won at a Casino?


  1. $21.1 Million – Cannery Casino & Hotel (Las Vegas)

Las Vegas is home to many games. The Cannery Casino is known as a preferred choice of gambling. Not only do they provide great games, but fantastic accommodations. Great dining and great entertainment go hand-in-hand. Most of the slot machines here are common. There are a few that provide jackpot winnings in rarer circumstances. One jackpot slot was played by a man named Elmer Sherwin. In 2005, he was able to win $21.1 million from the Megabucks slot. The man had been playing at the casino for many years.

When he won the jackpot, he stated this wasn’t his first time doing so. He had won the jackpot previously using the same slot machine. This was back in 1989, at the same casino. He was able to win $4.6 million playing back then. Now, he has earned more than quadruple that amount.

  1. $21.3 Million – Caesars Palace (Las Vegas)

This is a name you are sure to recognize. Caesars Palace is the most famous casino in Las Vegas. You may have seen the famous fountains that stand in front of the establishment. It is a popular tourist attraction. For many years, Caesars has been home to many famous celebrities. However, it was an average gambler that took the big jackpot here. This was back in 1999 and won from the same slot machine, Megabuck from just a $10 bet. The man is currently unnamed, but is said to be 49-years-old and lives in Illinois. He was working as a business consultant back when the prize was won. His current situation is unknown. The prize he won was a huge total of $21.3 million.

What’s the Most Money Ever Won at a Casino?


  1. $22.6 Million – Bally’s (Las Vegas)

The next player who secured an incredible prize was Johanna Heundl. This was once again won from the popular Megabucks slot machine. The prize total was $22.6 Million and was won in May 2002. The casino itself is another popular spot in Las Vegas. Bally’s acts as both a casino and a hotel. Bally’s not only provides gambling but entertainment too. They have live shows with famous singers and performers. It has become a home to many, no matter how old. This leads to the extraordinary player herself. The woman in question was 74 years old when she won. The prize was even won before breakfast opened. She had spent a total of $170 before winning the grand prize. She was likely playing for long hours. This is due to being on vacation or having retirement money to spend.

  1. 17.8 Million Euros – PAF Online

Online gambling has become more and more common. There are thousands of online casinos operable on the web. These casinos allow players to play games from anywhere they desire. So long as you have an internet connection, online casinos are available. is one of those online casinos: a Finnish casino that is available in up to five languages. It was a player in Finland that won the jackpot. Information on this player has remained anonymous. The prize itself was won in 2013.

The slot machine that granted this jackpot was Mega Fortune. This is a progressive jackpot game created by NetEnt. A progressive jackpot is a game that rewards money from a large cash pool. These are the games that players play to win millions. The Finnish player was able to win 17.8 million euros from this one. In USD, this equates to $23.6 million. Not to mention that the prize was won from just a 25 cent bet.

  1. $27.6 Million – Palace Station Casino (Las Vegas)

The lucky prize found its winner in 1998. The Palace Station Casino is a classic establishment. Its iconic building towers above the skyline, making it highly recognizable. They have currently updated their accommodations with luxury furnishing. On the casino side of things, the slot machines house all of the popular brands. Yet again, this includes the illustrious Megabucks. The player who won the jackpot prize was a retiree. The player originally was only going to spend $100. In the end, over $300 was spent instead. However, it was more than worth it. The total jackpot was $27.8 Million.

  1. $35 Million – Desert Inn (Las Vegas)

This is where the prizes enter the $30 million range. An impressive $35 million was won by a lucky player at the Desert Inn. This particular casino had gone through many changes since it opened in 1964. It had another name called Wynn Casino when the jackpot was claimed. The player who won was Cynthia Jay Brennan, age 37. As you may have guessed, this was also won from the popular Megabucks slot. In some unfortunate news, Cynthia was left paralyzed after suffering a car crash just months later. Thankfully, the money she won helped her through these difficult times.

  1. $39.7 Million – Excalibur Casino (Las Vegas)

The largest recorded jackpot ever won was found here. Excalibur Casino is a friendly place where you can have fun and relax. There are dozens of ways to entertain yourself here. One player from LA came to have fun and never expected the outcome. The year was 2003 and the total almost reached $40 million. This was from a $100 bet, so the player was willing to spend big in search of an even bigger win. Details on this player are currently unknown, but the record was still newsworthy. No other player has been able to reach this amount through legal means.

Dr Toonz Slot by Play n Go

October 13, 2021 at 11:25 pm

Dr Toonz Slot by Play n Go With Dr Toonz providing the backstory to the popular Reactoonz slot series from Play’n Go, this game has 6×4 reels and 4,096 win lines. The Quantumeter charges by cascading wins, and this triggers one of three modifiers per spin. The meter is pre-charged during the bonus round when reel multipliers of x2 boost payouts of up to x64, doubling the paylines to 262,144 at the maximum.

Slot Features

The Quantum Wild replaces all regular symbols in the game, and it is also the biggest and best symbol in the game. The Cascading Reels feature ensures that the winning symbols are removed from the grid, and new and new symbols will fill in the gaps. This process repeats as long as you keep winning, and this is also how you charge the Quantumeter. On random base game spins, the Quantumeter can be charged 1 to 3 times upfront, but most of the time, it starts at zero. Each winning cascade adds a charge to the meter, and when the cascading sequence ends, a full meter of three charges awards one of three modifiers:

Quantum Wilds – These add 2 to 6 wilds randomly to the grid.

Metamorphosis – turns 5 to 8 pay symbols into a random symbol type.

Disintegration – removes all low-value alien symbols and adds two wilds to the grid.


With Dr Toonz, Play’n Go has created a visually pleasing release that plays out differently than its grid slot counterpart. The cluster pays engine has been removed, and the base game revolves around charging the Quantumeter to prolong cascades.

The bonus round is easier to trigger modifiers, but the maximum impact is from the 2x multipliers that appear above the reels. Not only do they multiply each other to increase payouts by up to x64, but they also increase the number of possible winning combinations to 262,144.