Play Blackjack like A Pro with These Six Handy Tips

April 19, 2021 at 3:48 pm

Play Blackjack like A Pro with These Six Handy Tips Blackjack is an online casino game that both reels players in and intimidates them at the same time. Looking deceitfully simple and straightforward at first, playing to win involves an in-depth study of the game that will help players in the long run. If you’re looking into improving your blackjack game to get more wins, then this is the right place for you! We’ve compiled some of the best tips for playing blackjack, making sure you get the most out of your nettikasino experience.

Fool-Proof Tips to Playing Blackjack

1. Learn the basic Blackjack strategies

2. Set a playing budget – and stick to it

3. Check the rules sheet before playing a table

4. Trust the strategy, not luck

5. Make wise plays and learn from losses

6. Know when to step out of the table

Basic Blackjack Terms and Rules

Before we dive into our tips, let’s do a quick recap on how Blackjack is played.

In a game of Blackjack, players are against the dealer in a race to reach the score of 21 with their cards. Number cards are scored by their number, face cards are scored by 10s, and A is either a 1 or an 11. The closer a hand is to 21 without exceeding is the winner.

Players and the dealer are handed two cards from the deck, which is the initial hand. The player could then decide to ask for more cards or play the hand based on the probabilities available. Having the higher hand without exceeding 21 nets the player a win, while having a lower hand than the dealer’s hand closer to 21 counts as a loss.

Some common terms in Blackjack include:

– Hit: Ask for another card, usually done when your current hand is far from 21

– Stand: No additional cards will be taken, in which the dealer now plays their hand.

– Bust: When a hand goes over 21. Automatically considered as a loss.

– Double Down: Double your current bet plus a card and a stand. This play is not used in all tables.

– Split: Separating your cards into two hands, only used when you have two cards of the same value. The bet is essentially doubled when this is applied.

– Surrender: Giving up half of your bet, applicable when you think your hand will lose.

Now that we’re refreshed with the basic rules of the game, let’s proceed to our Blackjack tips.

Learn the basic Blackjack strategies

The internet is home to many resources that offer in-depth tutorials and guides on how to optimally play Blackjack, along with color-coordinated charts on when to make the right plays. For those looking to ramp up their Blackjack game, we recommend spending time learning from these resources.

Knowing more of the game makes the experience better not only for you but also for the other players you’re sharing the table with. Games become more fast-paced and exciting when everyone knows how to play at the same level.

Set a playing budget – and stick to it

One big mistake that beginners make is pushing for hand after hand, chasing an elusive win without considering what’s left at the bankroll. Playing without a budget in place is setting yourself for a bigger loss later on, as there will be no stopgap when the losses pile up.

Professional Blackjack players highly recommend setting a specific budget before playing and adhering to your budget. Having peak and low limits to playing helps you focus on enjoying the game, instead of worrying if you have anything left after.

Check the rules sheet before playing a table

A good practice for any Blackjack player in an online casino is to check the table’s rules before sitting, as different tables could have different rules. Some may allow double downs, some may not. Some may offer bigger wins but equally big bets. We recommend that you look for tables that suit your speed, ruleset, and prize pool to satisfy your Blackjack itch.

Trust the strategy – not luck

When the chips are down and things are not looking good, always trust the basic strategies you’ve learned rather than relying on luck to pull you out of a tight spot. Basing your plays on gut instincts will only result in bad decisions, thus leading you to contiguous losses.

Blackjack is more of a probability game than a luck-based game, and knowing the odds places you in a better position almost all the time. If games are going south, we suggest changing tables instead of pushing your luck.

Make wise plays and learn from wrong ones

Everyone makes wrong calls when starting out in Blackjack, some more than others. But as the adage goes, “experience is a great teacher.” As you go along your game, study the patterns and always check the odds, as they are your keys to making the wise plays. Knowing when to stand on a dealer’s card, what’s the best hand to double down on, and when to split cards could decide your game’s outcome.

Know when to step out of the table

There are times when it’s hard to quit a Blackjack table – either when you’re on a winning streak or in a losing skid. Lack of control in either situation usually leads to painful experiences, especially when the losses pile up and it only gets harder to recover. Chasing after losses is never a good way to play, as it opens a trap for you to fall deeper and makes your online casino experience a miserable one.


Playing competitive blackjack on online casinos could pose a challenge for the uninitiated, but equipping yourself with basic Blackjack strategies and having the right mindset will lead you to more wins. While this is not an exhaustive list of tips for Blackjack players, we hope that this helps you become a better and smarter player.

Everybody loves a casino bonus!

April 7, 2021 at 3:03 pm

Everybody loves a casino bonus! I enjoy nothing more than going to a casino with friends and family for some carefree (yet measured!) gambling. In fact, it’s something of a family tradition for a group of us family and friends to try our luck at the local coastal casino a couple of times a year. None of us go completely crazy, and it’s fun to share stories at the end of an eventful night. Inevitably some of us have lost money, while others have had the luck of the devil and just didn’t put a foot wrong all night long. This can be true regardless of the casino game in question. I’ve personally had some mindbogglingly fortunate nights playing roulette where it just seems that whatever decision made is destined to be the right one. Other friends of mine have had swings of fortune, both good and bad, on three card poker.

Of course though, currently ‘going to the casino’ is much easier said than done and so attention turns more and more to the many online casino options out there. One of the big plus points in my view of online casinos is that they all share a virtual space together and so are only a click away. This proximity makes for a highly competitive approach between them all, where generous offers and incensitives are used to draw in new customers. It’s not uncommon to see a deposit match style casino bonus of significant value – which means that you’re already well ahead from the start. Admittedly there are often some waging requirements attached, but when you combine the bonuses on offer, with free slots spins, existing member benefits and the like too, these freebies all start to add up.

Another very important online factor is convenience. It’s so straight forward, day or night, week or weekend to take some time out from a Everybody loves a casino bonus! hectic day and have a little ‘me time’ by playing your favorite online casino games. Peronsonally I’m a big fan of the endless slots options out there. There are so many different slots themes, with new and exciting games frequently being added and of course they can often be combined with the aforementioned ‘free spins’ style bonuses that are offered by the best casino sites. These tried, tested and trusted sites also offer a myriaid of other much loved casino games such as roulette, poker (three card, texas- hold’em, carribean, video poker etc), blackjack, craps, baccarat and more.

So while ‘bricks and mortar’ casinos clearly have their place, the world being as it is and with rules and regulations changing by the day I’ve appreciated more than ever the convenience of playing roulette or slots in the comfort of my own home. In my view it’s easier to track and regulate your spend online when compared to a wild night in a casino with friends, and combined with some of the appealing online casinos bonuses that are out there, trusted online casinos really are the virtual ‘place to be’.

The Convenience Factor of Online Casinos!

April 6, 2021 at 3:20 am

The Convenience Factor of Online Casinos! These are strange times we’re living in, where all of a sudden our usual habits are now alien to us. Recent events have meant this fun activities such as going to the cinema, the casino, or for a couple of quiet drinks with friends become events somewhere on a scale between difficult to impossible. You don’t have to be ‘Mr Party’ to feel the impact of this, as we’re all social to one extent or another. One of my favorite pre-pandemic activities was going to the casino. We have a couple of local casinos here and it became something of a family tradition for my brothers, cousins and I to have a few nights a year where we’d see what lady luck had to offer. We tended to gravitate towards the slots and roulette, and there is something special about being in that atmosphere.

While it would be easy to think that all is lost due to these changes, that’s not so. Thankfully in this the internet age, online casinos which are of course functioning as normal, offer every bit the same level of excitement (if not more!) as offline venues do. Every single one of the casino games we all know and love like, blackjack, poker, slots, roulette and more are just a click or two away. Online casinos are often geography independent too. From the UK, to playing the best casinos in Japan ( カジノ 日本 ), there are countless options worldwide. There’s event a ‘social’ aspect such as dealer dealer games and the like. What’s more the online casino environment is as competitive as they come and so there are sign up bonuses, free spins and various other incentives just waiting to be taken advantage of. So essentially you’re winning before you even start if you per-emptively ‘play your cards right’.

The Convenience Factor of Online Casinos! Another big plus with online casinos is the convenience factor of playing in the comfort of your own home. The main advantage though, in my view, is the the amazing variety of regularly updated games on offer. There are slots of every theme imagination, new ones appear overnight and they all have their very own unique plus points, features and jackpots. It’s the casino goers dream. Jackpots on offer are often bigger and better than they may be in your local venues, and it’s also possible to set your own limits and keep track of your gambling, whereas occasionally on a night out it can become a bit of a blur.

And so as tricky as the world can be to navigate nowadays, I’ve still had time for my online casino fix. Being able to order takeaways and the like online has been a life saver too. And of course talking to friends and family on zoom or skype. All of this adds a little normality and familiarity to what is otherwise a difficult period to get your head around. Without online options I’m not sure I’d quite know what to do with myself. Hopefully ‘soon’ a degree of normality will return though even with that being the case. I’ll likely still return to my favorite online casinos from time to time because in the modern world convenience is king!



What Makes Themes So Useful to Online Casinos?

March 24, 2021 at 2:07 pm

Casino themes aren’t new. When you think about it, they have been around for a while, and some have even managed to transcend popular culture. For example, if you throw a gambling party, suits and tuxedos are mandatory for men, while women require fancy dresses and high heels.

What Makes Themes So Useful to Online Casinos?

Source: Pixabay

However, online casinos are going away from classic institutions and moving towards new ones with the help of themes. Land on any remote platform and you’ll find a range of genres, from adventure to space and more. What’s in it for the casinos? Let’s take a closer look.

Themes Are Fresh

Among the success of the industry, it’s hard to see the potential pitfalls. Online casinos aren’t blind and understand that they need to react to ensure their foundations remain solid. This means adding a freshness to titles that might start to grind. After all, the gameplay is the same across the board as the basics of the game don’t change. Introducing a theme, such as going on an adventure, brings a new level of excitement to releases that players have played countless times before.

The natural world isn’t the only option, either. Space exploration is gaining popularity with casinos as the visuals, sound effects and imagery are captivating. The idea of blasting off into the final frontier is engaging, which is why Space Casino leverages it to its advantage. As a relatively new provider, it needs to stand out from the crowd, and the space theme provides users with all the reasons they need to try out the platform. Visit Space Casino for yourself to see how effective the strategy is. Of course, the numbers speak for themselves. The Gambling Commission has released data from 2020 that says that slot machines, the main users of themes, accounts for the majority of the £3.2bn in gross gambling yield that the sector creates.

Themes Appeal to Different Audiences

No matter how great the industry’s GGY is, online casinos must find a way to encourage new customers to join their site. Otherwise, the hard work will be negated. Loyal customers are cheaper, but they don’t spend as much money.

Themes appeal to a broad range of demographics since casinos can tweak the theme based on the audience. A prime example is the use of films and TV shows. Pretty much everyone enjoys the silver screen, giving more people a chance to connect to the titles offered.

This is highlighted by the fact that regions that aren’t synonymous with gambling are beginning to jump on the bandwagon. NOI Polls reports that 36% of the Nigerian general population, for instance, have placed a bet, with 53% being daily gamblers. As a result, Lagos is transforming into a hot spot for the hobby.


What Makes Themes So Useful to Online Casinos?

Source: Pixabay

Themes Are Evergreen

Last but not least, there won’t be a shortage of themes in the future. Even when you assume they are played out and cliché, a new trend hits the market and turns everything on its head. The most recent example of this is the TV series, Game of Thrones because Wired reported that it has broken viewership records.

Currently, everything advertised is trying to take advantage of utilising the same imagery that encouraged millions of people to watch Jon Snow fight to reveal his destiny. There will be hundreds, if not thousands of examples like it in the future, which means online casinos have a never-ending supply of effective marketing tools.

Themes are useful because they are fresh, appeal to different people and stand the test of time.


Online Slots with the Best Bonus Games

November 26, 2020 at 12:45 pm

Online Slots with the Best Bonus Games

Those starting in the world of online slots may feel overwhelmed at first, taken aback by all that these titles provide. If you’ve never played one, it’s hard to imagine that the genre could boast such advanced features as it does. However, once newbies discover that magical thing called bonus rounds, they are sure to feel overwhelmed as they try to unpack these mini-games that come with new playing options, easter eggs, and massive prizes.

Bonus rounds are the highlight of most coin machines. They pack a punch in terms of entertainment value, lead to big wins, and often open the door to jackpot prizes. Many developers have even implemented skill-based rounds in recent years, where you are competing rather than gambling for rewards.

Today, there are many different bonus games available, from free spin rounds to pick and win features. Whenever you land the Scatters necessary to activate such a level, you immediately feel a thrill, knowing you are in for a good time. These rounds let you experience the best a game has to offer, so let us see which are worthy of your time.

#1 Best Bonus Game Slot

In 2014, the iGaming 3D juggernaut, Betsoft, released Dr.Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. On the surface, this is a simple five-reel, three-row, thirty payline game that accepts bet sizes that range from 2-cents to $150. However, once you begin playing it, you see that Betsoft not only managed to capture the atmosphere of the 1886 novel, but they were able to adapt it for a modern gaming audience.

All that aside, we ranked it so high on our list of online slots with the best bonus games because its developers didn’t hold back when it came to features. If you choose to play it, you can enjoy free spins and bonus features such as the Dr.Jekyll Symbol and the Red Potion, Mr.Hyde and the Blue Potion, the Frenzy Bonus, and Potion Picking.

It’s a terrific option for low to mid-rollers that are in the mood for Victorian-era horror. Where to play? These 10-year-old online casinos offer the safest online slots.

12 Online Slot Bonus Games

If we look past our number one choice, we can still find many quality options that provide hours of fun and wins that make life a whole lot sweeter via their bonus rounds.

You cannot go wrong with any of the following twelve titles:

A Night in Paris

Almost a decade after hitting the internet, this is a game that has not only remained popular with veteran players but still manages to get ahold of fresh eyes, taking them on a breathtaking journey through Paris’ Museum. If you land three scattered portraits, you will trigger the Thief feature. Guess what he will attempt to steal and win a prize when you catch him.

After Night Falls

If you are on the lookout for a game with a high RTP, how does 97.27% sound? That’s the return-to-player on this medium volatility slot, inspired by the old Inspector Clouseau films. The story revolves around a ruthless criminal and the detective that is trying to stop him. After Night Falls offers two free spin and two interactive bonus features, you’ll need to find clues and collect evidence to earn cash.

Black Gold

Do not let the cartoony and comedic coin machine fool you. The wild west atmosphere is palpable here. Set during the gold rush, Black Gold tells the story of Ol’ Bill, an older gentleman that boasts a mustache like nothing you’ve seen before. The developers loaded this game with features, animations, and unique gameplay. Bonus features include Drilling for Oil, Nighttime Free Spins mode, Center Reel Re-Spins, and the Higher or Lower bonus rounds.

Catch and Release

If you like fishing, perhaps you should cast your rod and through a line in Catch and Release, a 2017 game from Nucleus. With its super 3D graphics, this slot tries to keep things upbeat while staying true to the fisherman spirit. It lets you do some reel fishing for real fun. Land a scatter of Octopi and activate some free spins. If you manage to reel in three oyster pearls, you will launch the Bonus Game, and here you’ll have to try and pull in as many fish as you can.

Cash Bandits 3

Industry pioneer Realtime Gaming is the one behind this series. Cash Bandits 3 is the most recent entry in the popular franchise. Released in 2020, it features upgrades in all departments compared to its predecessor and provides some hard-hitting fun. Land three Scatters on the same spin to activate the free spins bonus round, where you attempt to crack a vault.

The Critters

No, this slot has no official connection to the 1987 horror classic by the same name. However, it is hard to imagine that the cult movie did not influence this game, even if the creature-design is not similar. Still, you can enjoy some monster fun on this five-reel, three-row game from Nucleus Gaming. Land three under the bed symbols to fight off cuddly monsters in the bonus round.

Football Frenzy

Sadly, there aren’t as many football-themed reel-spinners as most fans would like to play. You would think the most established sport in the world deserves a wealth of titles, alas it is not so. However, Football Frenzy from Realtime Gaming captures some of the magic of the game on its reels and via its Penalty Kick Bonus round. It also has a Free Spins and Lucky mode that you can trigger.

The Big Bopper

Here is a title that most veteran players have come across, yet few have played. It’s a 2018 release that gives off the impression that it’s far older. Seeing as it utilizes a 1950s rock movie theme, that should come as no surprise. Big Bopper offers many unique features. If you hit the BOPPER letters across your screen, you can enjoy the White Lightning and Chantilly Lace free games and win up to x250 your bet.

Naughty or Nice 3

When you hear the phrase – naughty or nice, you likely think of Christmas, Santa, and you feel a dose of holiday cheer. However, in the slot-verse, this phrase is associated with two smoking hot girls in bikinis. In fairness, it does feature Santa sun-bathing with sun-glasses and drink in hand. The second sequel in the franchise is a medium volatility game unlike its predecessors, and it boasts an impressive Lucky Feature (5-7 free games).


Heist tells the tale of Neil Quayland, a criminal set for the biggest score of his career, and the detective that’s trying to stop him from stealing millions. Even though an old slot, the graphics

here are in line with many top-end console releases, and it has a plethora of features, including a heart-racing safe-cracking round.


A classic. A progressive game found at most online casinos. Incorporating the glitzy glamor of Sin City into a spectacular 3D slot, the ground-breaking Mr. Vegas was a title that transcends all genres and encompasses the essence of online gambling. Its bonus rounds include classic casino stables, such as Roulette, Money Wheel, and a mini-slot game.

Weekend in Vegas

Weekend in Vegas is yet another example of developers exploiting the City that Never Sleeps. Vegas has a few more nicknames, don’t worry. It is a medium volatility game with an RTP of 96.6% and attempts to fool players by making it seem like it ties into the Hungover movie franchise. It doesn’t. That said, it does have a pretty awesome free spins bonus round.

Are Slot Bonus Games Predetermined?

To answer the question asked in this sub-head, no, they are not. An algorithm named a random number generator (RNG) determines the result of each spin. It decides, at random, where each of the symbols will land on the game’s reels. It is so in the base game, as well as its bonus rounds.

The RNG is continuously generating sets of randomized numbers, repeating this process non-stop, even when you’re not playing. Nothing you or the casino do can affect its behavior. The RTP and other game specs often differ in the bonus round compared to the base game.

One Final Tip

Bonus games can be a lucrative and entertaining incentive to try out new slots. Some focus on telling stories that deepen the base game’s plot, while others attempt to enhance the gaming experience by incorporating unique gameplay elements. Gaming fans love them because they add variety and further engross them en route to big prizes. If you have never spin reels inside a bonus round, find a reputable casino, look for a coupon code, sign-up, and play one of the games mentioned in this article.