CasiNO or Yes?

May 10, 2021 at 2:01 pm

CasiNO or Yes?  A person’s character often informs the chances they take in life. Some have as ‘steady as you go’ approach to everything, from the risks they take to the counting of pennies. It can of course be good to have such a structured and steady outlook to life, though at the same time it could be said that it sucks the joy out of life. Some are at the exact opposite end of the spectrum; risk takers to the extreme. Whether it’s extreme sports or an unrivaled hedonism, this ‘life to the full’ type approach can also have its own short comings. I tend to find myself at a midway point, the odd adventurous holiday abroad and play on casinos online but nothing too crazy. A sane balance and just reward for those busy and stressful work weeks that we all have to endure in life.

I never quite got people who never set foot in a casino, believing it to be something that it isn’t, or something they’re somehow above. So many aspects of life, in fact arguably most of the important ones, are gambles of one kind of another anyway and much more consequently so than a spin of a roulette wheel or game of blackjack. Even those investing in shares for instance are taking a gamble. It may well be painted as pure research and calculation but there is always plenty that you don’t or can’t know.

One plus that casinos have is that you actually know what the house edge is, and with games such as roulette or some slots games there isn’t actually a huge house advantage. So you can play which games match your own personal risk profile. And of course with some games like poker for instance your natural or learned abilities can actually overcome the odds and leads to you making a healthy profile from other players. This of course applies both offline and online, since nowadays best payout online casinos are available to all. Many will think nothing of playing the lottery, viewing it as a ‘bit of fun’, but fail to see that odds-wise it’s not a great bet to make compared to lots of other options out there.

So, in moderation, I say that saying ‘yes’ to casinos is far from a bad choice. For most it’s just the occasional bit of fun and way to unwind, and in today’s world, which is either ‘a mile a minute’ in pace, or generally quite stressful, having ways to unwind is a useful way of opting out of the rat-race for a while.