Bring on the Bonuses!

July 21, 2021 at 2:24 pm

Bring on the Bonuses!  I was fondly recalling earlier, carefree days of when I used to head to a local casino with my two brothers. We had a whole routine, which would involve an enjoyable time at a local horse racing track, followed by using the racing entry ticket at the casino for a free £10 bet (due to a tie-in the two businesses had together). Sure, it’s was only a ‘tenner’ but in my view there are enough situations in life where someone is picking our pocket in one way or another, so it’s always a good move to take advantage of situations that effectively involve receiving ‘free money’. Of course in theory at least now that it’s past ‘Freedom Day‘ in my country at least (as in Covid restrictions have been lifted) I can now get back to these fond past-times.

Bring on the Bonuses!  On the other hand though, I’m sure we all still hold some reservations about how ‘normal’ daily life is going to be over the coming months. It can sometimes be better to try to strike a balance between a return to how things were previously, and acknowledgement that there may still be differences or certain restrictions for a few months longer. I expect by now many of us will have adopted certain ‘workarounds’ to the limitations that life has shuffled our way. Casinos are a prime example really, as online casinos offer the very same games (if not more up-to-date versions) that ‘real world’ casinos do, only they also remove many of the complications associated with ‘real life’ restrictions. Online versions also are, if anything, more generous on the casino bonuses front on account of trying to draw in new user. In this regard, Hyperino bonus and the like, have their finger on the pulse of what appeals to users.

Online casino bonuses can take many forms. Sometimes they come in the form of a sign up bonus where the act of simply becoming a member of the site gives you some free money or spins or suchlike. On other occasions you may be offered a match bet (this is commonly seen on sports betting sites also) where whatever you bet it matched by the site. Other sites sometimes reward the allegiance of existing members by offering them incentives to play specific games, or free entry to tournaments – such as poker competitions. On occasion these freebies do come with certain requirements, but on the whole they’re still a major plus in comparison to say not taking advantage of them at all.

So armed with the ability to bag a bonus at will, and the myriad of online casino options available (such as brand new slots games added on a regular basis), it’s easy to see why this alternative to ‘bricks and mortar’ casinos can be a big plus for some players, especially in concerning times like these. I’ve certainly opted far more frequently for the online route myself of late, and while I will definitely seek to recreate some of the casino memories of old now that casinos are back open, it’s surely a better mix to have both options to hand!